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Written by oikawa, updated 2 months ago

Can I use my existing printer with the Rieki POS?

Unfortunately no, we setups our printer to work with Rieki POS. Please visit the hardware product page which we sell and support. 

How much does Rieki POS cost?

Please visit our price list page to find out details. Cost is different depending on how many devices and printers you would like to use. Please contact our Rieki POS team if you still have any questions via email 

What do I need to prepare?

At the simple level, you need a device, a device stand/cover, a receipt printer with Android mobile set, a cash drawer, a payment terminal, a kitchen printer/display device, an internet connection, a router and Rieki APP! 

What if I have a question about Rieki POS system?

Rieki POS team is available via phone or email.

Which device can work with Rieki POS?

You can use an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. If you need to use a printer, you need at least one Android device.